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Episode 1: Welcome to the podcast


    Patrick Kua: Hello. My name is Patrick Kua or you can call me Pat. I’m founder of the Tech Lead Academy and my current mission is to accelerate the journey of other leaders in tech. I have spent a significant portion of my career, growing other leaders and managers, writing books like Talking with Tech Leads, presenting many talks on technical leadership and engineering management and writing and sharing many articles on my blog, in various publications and in my weekly newsletter, Level Up. The support for first-time leaders and managers is now extensive but the support for more senior leaders is still relatively sparse.

    I hope this podcast contributes to this growing body of knowledge to help people who are transitioning from being a manager of individual contributors to managing managers for the first time. I hope to amplify the stories of other experienced leaders in tech who manage other managers and that you come away with some practical advice you can use now, or someday in the future.

    You can find more details about this podcast at including the full transcripts and shownotes of each episode.

    I’m delighted to share this podcast with you and I can’t wait to share the next few episodes. I will see you in the first episode of the Managing Managers podcast, proudly brought to you by the Tech Lead Academy.

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